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DMC Honey

DMC Honey offer pure Northern Victorian honey.  DMC honey began in 2009 when Matthew and Deborah Carpenter from Harcourt decided to start their independent honey business.  Matthew and Deborah love their bees and focus on keeping them happy and healthy.

Their bees help to pollinate Victoria's almond farms in August-September, then travel across Northern Victoria to produce a range of honey tastes.  Their varieties include Yellow Gum, Red Gum, Messmate, Grey Box and more.  Sometimes all varieties are available, but often there will be a smaller selection of varieties on hand.
Thank you for your support of a small honey business!

Husk and Harvest Walnuts

Hilary and Mark Jankelson are proud to be producing and selling an ancient super food.  Hilary and Mark started their walnut farming in 2001 when they began converting a sheep farm in Redesdale into a walnut orchard.

At the time Australia was importing the majority of its walnuts from overseas and Hilary and Mark took the initiative to help change that.

From their two properties they supply 8 Farmers markets in Central Victoria, as well as wholesale and export markets.

Knowing of the health benefits of walnuts, Hilary and Mark aim  to convert the Australian public to buying fresh Australian walnuts and eating 10 a day!

Vintage Kitchen Preserves

Sue makes her all-natural preserves at home in Bendigo.  You'd struggle to meet anyone who is more passionate about the war on waste. Many of Sue's ingredients are excess produce from the farmer's markets where she sells, or other products that would otherwise go to waste.

She is also passionate about keeping vintage recipes alive and accessible - especially the incredibly tasty ones!

Sue recently won a bronze at the Sydney Royal Fine Foods Awards. You're sure to love the traditional tastes that are hard to find these days.

Gough's Range Olives

Julie and Duncan have 1000 trees at Welshmans Reef between Newstead and Maldon in Central Victoria.  They hand pick and process their olives on the farm and use organic principles to enrich the soil.