On-line shop FAQs and Conditions

Have a curly question? Our full terms and conditions are outlined below.

Cancellations and refunds.

For those who subscribe for regular deliveries you can log into your profile and cancel at any time, or contact us to cancel your subscription. 7 days notice is required for cancellations. There are no refunds available for a delivered product.

If for some reason your order is cracked or damaged when you pick them up, please email or phone us and we will arrange a replacement.

When does my subscription start from receipt of payment?

1) Deliveries typically start the week after your subscription is received. 

2) you can order now and then postpone deliveries until suits you.

You will receive an email notification confirming the date of your first delivery and address of pick up location.

I really want to subscribe, but I can’t see a pick up point in my area?

We are currently seeking more pick up locations in these areas.

  • Northcote / Fitzroy (and a little further East)

  • Moonee Ponds
  • Western Suburbs 
  • Gisborne / Sunbury

If there is no confirmed pick up point convenient to you, simply subscribe online and indicate in the online form what your preferred location for pick is. We will then do our best to establish a hub in your desired area.

If no pick up point is located within four weeks of receiving your payment, a full refund will be given.

What if I can’t pick my order up on the day it’s delivered?

We deliver on a set day every week, but you don’t have to pick your order up on that day. Orders are left at the pick up locations so you can pick up when it suits you. In warmer months your order will be left in an esky.

Please put your order in the fridge after pick up.

Do I need to knock on a door or wait for someone to be home to pick up my order?

No you do not need to knock on a door or call the pick up hub first.

There will be a record sheet that will list what has been left for you. It is important that you do not take more than has been allocated to you on the record sheet. Please tick your name when you pick up your order. If you find that some of the products that you ordered aren’t allocated to you, please contact us and we will rectify this.

All our pick up points are selected as they have an accessible area outside for an esky to be located. Some pick up hubs may request people only come during certain times of the day, but there will be ample opportunity to collect your order around your busy schedule.

What happens when I go on holidays?

If you are going away on holidays, you are able to temporarily suspend your delivery. A weeks notice is required to prevent unwanted payments.

  • If you forget to postpone your delivery you can:

What if I am sick or too busy to pick up one week?

You can either arrange for someone else to pick up your order or request they be donated on your behalf to the Kyneton Caring Community Food Bank.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, your subscription will roll over automatically, unless you selected that you would like a "one-off delivery". You can log in and cancel your subscription manually if you wish to discontinue. You can also change your subscription preference at the end of a payment cycle.

Customers don't receive a notification before their subscription renewal date. When the subscription renews, you’ll receive an order confirmation email.

Are all products available at all time of year?

Unfortunately no.  We are Victorian farmers so we are bound by the natural seasonal fluctuations that this brings.  For example, tomatoes are only available in Victoria from January until May, and they are a perishable product (cannot be stored) so they will only be available in those months.

Will your prices change?

If we decide to change our prices a minimum of 7 days notice will be given, to allow you time to change your order if you so require. Example: If your next payment cycle begins less that 7 days after the price change notice has been given, you will not have to pay the new price in your next cycle.

 Who manages the On-line Farm Shop and what's in it for the farmers?

The shop and deliveries are managed by The Good Life Farm Co - the pastured egg producers from Kyneton.  The other farmers are friends of ours from farmer's markets that we sell at.  We started this to ensure that the farmer's get a fair price for their produce and that as little of it goes to waste as possible.  All farmers are paid their farmer's market prices for all products that are sold through this shop.  This eliminates their usual loss of income associated with selling to wholesalers or middle-men.

How do I change my contact information?

When you subscribe you will create a unique online profile . You’ll be able to log in and manage your profile at anytime.