Small Farmers United

We're a collective of farmers and producers from local Farmers Markets. We've combined our produce to offer local vegetables, eggs, olives, honey, berries, herbs, nuts, sourdough bread, preserves, and more.

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Where do we deliver?

We're based in Kyneton and offer delivery to the Kyneton area including Kyneton, Tylden, Malmsbury, Trentham, Woodend and some surrounding areas. 

How does Small Farmers United work?

Small Farmers United allows you to customise your own free delivery of fresh, local produce.  Use the shop to choose:

a) the products that you would like,

b) how often you would like them delivered, or if you would just like to make a one-off purchase of something.

c) where you would like them delivered to. 

What makes us different

Unlike selling to shops, Small Farmers United has the farmers themselves setting the price of their products to ensure they are paid a fair and living wage.  

Our Farmers have been thoughtfully chosen to provide you with the best quality product using farming practices that are good for the planet.

Who are our farmers?

All farms are either in or are within 100km of the Macedon Ranges

To learn more about us click here or come and meet us at a local farmer's market..

How do we minimise waste?

None of our vegetables are wrapped in plastic.

Your eggs can be carton-free by coming on re-usable trays so that you can collect them into your own basket. 

All rubber bands around veggie bunches can be returned and/or re-used.

Olive oil tins can be returned for re-use

The only items that do use partially plastic wrapping are:

* local walnuts and

* Raspberries, which are in a recyclable punnet that has a partially plastic absorbent tissue at the base.